Friday, November 14, 2014

Assessing The Situation

At this point, Ardent as a blog is a little over three months old.  I've attempted to create a blog about this medium that is of higher quality and deeper thought than your typical video game blog.  I've spent many hours crafting the content that is already here.  I am proud of what I have made up to this point.  It's the kind of blog about video games that I wish someone else would write because I'd love to read it.  Thus far I've done all of this for zero reward.

And I think I'm done.

It'd be different if I got any feedback on what I was writing.  If the few people who did enjoy this blog bothered to tell other people about it to help spread the word.  But people are not like that in general, they'd rather absorb the free entertainment and move on to mooching off the next teat with little afterthought.  Well I'm not writing thought provoking articles just for the hell of it.  Ardent was created in part to generate ad revenue.  If no one is reading this blog, then that's not happening either.

The way things stand, as of today I'm taking leave of Ardent.  If you are reading this and you want me to continue writing articles for this blog, then let me know you're actually reading it.  Tell other people about this blog so that it can actually build a following.  With a proper following I'll continue to add fresh content weekly to Ardent.  But if no one is reading this stuff, what the hell is the point?  Blogger stats and Google analytics and the lack of reader comments makes its apparent there's not an audience for Ardent.

See you on the highscores board,


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  1. Just the way these things go. It's tough to get something like this rolling, especially with the wealth of options out there. Plus, we just don't have the time necessary to really make these things sing. I've greatly enjoyed your stuff, though, and you've got a knack for creative writing that I'm not sure I have.